How to Resolve a Major Data Loss and Get Your Business Back on Track

Data loss is never fun for small business owners. However, you can take the sting out of this stressful situation by making the right moves to get your systems back on track. Here are the urgent measures every business owner needs to take when tackling a major data loss.

Make Data Recovery a Priority

Just like any other emergency, triage is important when it comes to retrieving and protecting your company’s data. After all, data is the lifeline of your business, so ensure you have a plan in place to retrieve everything you lost. Using a data recovery specialist who can quickly and efficiently address malware damage, accidental file deletion, or any hardware issues should be the first move you make after you notice a problem. Professionals like Secured Data Recovery can immediately diagnosis what went wrong, help you recover as much data as possible, and address any issues that may seem hopeless. You can also get helpful tips to prevent future data fails and emergency protection should something happen again in the future.

Take Steps to Prevent Future Data Deletions

Experiencing a major data loss or breach can be a bitter lesson for any business owner to work through. Once you’ve seen what a headache server issues can be, you will want to take steps to protect your server. This includes keeping a watchful eye on your server logs for unusual or suspicious events. Whether it’s a cyber attack or a loss of data, early intervention is always crucial for optimal recovery. Understanding logs will also allow you to streamline any maintenance and focus on critical issues, rather than spending time blindly guessing.

Don’t Lose Your Business to Cyber Criminals

If you run a small business and think cybercrime is not a threat to your bottom line, you may want to think again. Even the smallest business with little online presence can be highly susceptible to cyber criminals and their endless quest to gain information from your business, customers, and even personal accounts. Within minutes, you could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, or your entire business. So, be aware of the threat cyber attacks pose to your success and take whatever steps you need to prevent becoming a victim.

Invest in Comprehensive Virus Protection

Viruses and malware are hiding in every corner of the internet. From your email inbox to social media, cybercriminals are always on the lookout for vulnerable businesses to infect. So, protect your data and your business by purchasing an antivirus package that makes sense for your tech needs. You’ll likely need to renew your license each year (although some companies offer multi-year plans), but this is one cost you cannot afford to skip. Even if your business sustains itself on Mac products, you could still lose revenue to a virus, cyber attack, or data breach.

Backup All of Your Business Data to Several Sources

Data is important to the success of any small business, so it makes sense for you to be diligent about backing up yours. Having multiple backups will make it more likely that your information can be recovered after a breach or loss. Using servers and external storage can be your first move, but most businesses are turning to cloud services to help protect their information. The best cloud services for small businesses automatically save information in a virtual location, allowing you to access it even if your hardware is damaged. If you have a small amount of data, many of these services are even free.

Protect Your Servers From Electrical Sabotage

Cybercriminals and viruses are not the only threat to your data security. One lightning strike or power surge can wreak havoc on your small business, destroying hardware along with creating major information losses. Make sure your servers and equipment are all protected from potential electrical issues. Find an electrician to evaluate your wiring if you suspect a problem and to install proper outlets that will keep your business protected.

Don’t let data loss destroy your business. Take the proper steps to recover what was lost, and keep yourself protected in the future. Your entire business may well depend on it!

Photo Credit: Pexels